Do You Want A Glitter Rose Gold Look? | EIGSHOW BEAUTY

STEP 1: Filling in brows

To make a dramatic eye look, you need a pomade and a angled brushE837 - EYE BROW is very thin and flat. Sometimes pomades can be really hard to
work. It's easy for you to map out the shape of the brow.

💁‍♀️Tips: Just to add a little bit more darkness to the front. Because sometimes if you go in right away in the front front of the brow it just looks crazy.

STEP 2: Apply eyeshadow

Prime eyes with eyeshadow base. You're supposed to put on a lot and you want to tap it in to make it nice and tacky. brush E827 is perfect for that.

Using the blending E811 to dip in Brown first. Pick up rose gold color, put it over the matte shade you just lay down. Using the blending E812 to wing out the shadow a little bit. Add a matte bone color shade, Brush E815 - PENCIL is ideal for blending eyeliner and highlighter.
Apply ye primer and E837 - EYE BROW again, this brush as well is its round so it's gonna be really easy to cut the crease

Using a dark brown shade on the blending E811, add that right into the outer. Apply glitter which is like the rose gold.  The angled E835 eyeliner brush can help you get that sharp line and a winged liner with black shadow.

Before put on some mascara and false lashes, clean up the outer corner of the wing. That will upgrade your makeup look. Using the pencil brush E815, finish up the ower lash line with rose gold color shadow.

STEP 3: Foundation

Prime your skin, lay  Foundation on all over face. Make a dewy look by using the foundation brush F625 also the blending brush E824. The smaller one gives a little bit more coverage on your face, like spot conceal.

💁‍♀️the denser the bristles are on a brush the more full coverage your foundation will look. Click the picture below to get all brushes you need 👇

Use the same foundation brush to blend out concealer under the eyes. Because it's slanted and angled. A translucent color setting powder set the concealer in place, tapered face brush F627 Which is rounded at the tip fit under your eye.

STEP 4: Apply bronzer and hilightter

Applying chocolate soleil bronzer with the large powder F619. Using the brush F627 to apply highlighter on your Cheekbones and nose bridg. 

STEP 5: Lip

Choose a metallic color lip glosses that matches the pink rose gold eyeshadows.

STEP 5: Setting Spray

Set your face make you more flawless.

💁‍♀️Tips: Because there is powder in it, remember when you are using the matte mist setting Spray, shaking it in case of cloging the bottle.


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