Elegant Intelligent Gorgeous

Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are EIGSHOW Beauty. A company born in 2013 by a group of industry professionals from NYC with the obsession to create innovative, high-quality makeup brushes, tools, and supplies for makeup enthusiasts, beauty lovers and creatives everywhere.

We brought together the best of the best from beauty gurus and influencers to industry professionals and curators to create the best beauty tools, that are and will always be affordable, without the “Brand Name” price. Period.

We want our products to inspire your own take on individual beauty.


Now I know you must be thinking what on earth does EIGSHOW mean? Well let us elaborate further… It is an acronym for everything our brand represents and embodies.

Elegant - Flawless beauty is elegant, you know in the old 50’s movies, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe pure effortlessness.

Intelligent - The beauty tools we create are intelligent, intuitive to you in all forms of beauty application. We only want to produce the best product on the market and offer it to you our customers at a reasonable price.

Gorgeous - You know that compliment “You Look Gorgeous” well its our favourite! When you feel and look gorgeous you are truly confident. Nothing more or less!


We have been blessed to have a team of dedicated professionals to bring you the best possible in beauty tools. Our brushes are designed to the last detail and we tightly control every aspect of the process. From our natural premium goat hair selection to our synthetic brush fibers to the authentic wooden handle design, we care about every piece that goes into the brushes you are holding in your hands today.

Every single one of our designs is inspired by what our team seems regularly here from you our followers. The creative designs and artistry you guys share with us every day inspire us to think about how we can help make your designs better, more affordable and sustainable. We go to exhibitions, beauty cons and meet with high-end brands regularly, but at the end of the day, we can hand down say our greatest inspiration comes from what you guys post on Social Media. To simply put it, you guys are our greatest inspiration.