Starry Blue Eyeliner Tutorial | EIGSHOW BEAUTY

Paint your eyes blue. Flaming stars that shine even brighter!
Step out of the box with bright colors and metallic accents. This super-unique eyeliner look is equal parts exotic and graphic, and though it looks like a lot of work, it comes down to three easy steps. Learn how to draw a starry blue eyeliner.


Dust a blue eyeshadow shade onto the crease of the eyelid to define the eye and define tone.


Draw a smooth, even cat eye by starting at the inner corner of the upper eyelid, moving the brush tip outwards. For best results, use a blue liquid liner. The E835 Angled Eyeliner Brush is thin, precise, and can be used with wet or dry products. Use to apply eyeliner for perfect color application.


The trick to making the cat-eye eyeliner look edgy again? Using colored eyeliner instead of serious black can add some fun and sets off your eye hue in the most flattering way. Add starry stars to create this silver sparkle and blue eyeliner look.

Get inspired by EIGSHOW's eyeliner looks and eyeliner designs from our Fashion Makeup Player. Learn how to master the perfect top liner technique and do winged eyeliner with our pro eyeliner brush.

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