7 Best Green Eyeshadow Shades to Try | EIGSHOW BEAUTY

Green isn't typically the first color we would gravitate to when wanting to create everyday eyeshadow looks—or something special for a night out—yet this hue in all of its magical variations should totally be given a fair chance.

Eyeshadow trends come and go, but wanting to try new beauty looks will certainly last forever. Below is a roundup of the most inspiring and gorgeous green eyeshadow looks.


Green Fantasy


The best part is the shimmering silk on the upper lid working with a little blue and green, which makes it quite outstanding.


Cut Crease


What did you see? The feeling is beyond words, it’s so beautiful cut crease with sequins.


Cool-Toned Glitter


The rendition boasts tones of silver, giving the look an almost smokey feel.


Mermaid Vibes


The blend of teals, seaweed green, and lime yellow in all the right places are topped with a perfect dusting of sparkle.


Lime Bulbs


You could see lots of lime green bulbs going up, so vivid and creative.


Gilded Emerald


A sunny gold nestled between jewel-toned green is precisely placed, adding luxury to calmness.


Smokey Metallic


Get smokey with some deep chromatic teals. We love how this color combo makes bright brown eyes shine—just like honey.


Hope you will like these eye makeup looks. Let us know which ones you tried or are going to try in the comments below!


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