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Hello, every perfectionist of the makeup field:

For most of us, we are all our own makeup artists. People are saying that a good soldier should have the right weapons. Of course, there is no self-respecting makeup artist who would like to make themselves beautiful without the right toolkit.

We always buy the same cosmetics, and we might have the best liquid foundation in the our most beautiful makeup case. But if you don’t have the best brushes for what you have now. You’re doing yourself (and your makeup) a huge disservice and waste more product.makeup brushDifferent products require different brushes. Have you ever tried contouring without a contour brush? Or smokey eyes without a fine, soft eyeshadow brush? We all know it didn’t end well.

So what is the best makeup brush? What kind of makeup brush can be called “the best” ?

Good makeup brushes are handmade by experienced hands. The brush handle is made of durable birch wood. Different brushes bristles are made with different material. For example, Powder brush bristles is made of wool, and contour brush bristles is made of a mixture of horse hair and wool, the dense, ultra-soft bristles are irresistible to the touch. The density and shape of the bristles are carefully calculated and designed to match the different angles of the face, Applying the most exquisite finishing touches to your makeup artistry.powder brushFor the material, a good makeup brush should have the following features:

a. No rough texture and touch (The most basic condition)

b. No shedding after washing (The most basic condition)

c. With strong powder grasping power, can effectively apply powder or other cosmetics on your face.

d. Good for creating perfect makeup look, best show the contours of your face, eyes and other parts.

e. Delicate and soft brush hair, high density, comfortable to touch and no harm to skin.

f. The ferrule is thickened aluminum tube, high glossiness and good durability, not easy to rust.

g. Quality brush handle, conformed to ergonomic designs, easy to grip and use.makeup brushes Preservation of environment is also our important consideration. Therefore, in Morandi, Master, Jade other series, we use the cornstarch bristles is made out of 100% biodegradable and tea grounds to make Bristles and handles that not only have a soft touch and a hard handle, but also have environmental protection awareness. Therefore, many artists are not only pursuing perfect makeup brushes, but also like us, gradually having been aware of whether they cause pollution to the environment. We are constantly exploring on the way to find ultimate makeup brushes, but we remain true to our original aspiration to insist on keeping it eco-friendly.eco-friendlyIt’s impossible that every one is suitable for everyone, the best makeup brush of all time does not have to have the best material,but always be the best for your love.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post on what our makeup artists in house use most. Have a wonderful day, and as always leave a comment, like or share.

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