When to Clean Makeup Brushes? | EIGSHOW Beauty

This is an easy one! Clean your makeup brushes every time you use them.

Seriously, how often do you wash your hands, your silverware, your toothbrush?

Anything that touches your sensitive skin and is near mucous membranes like your eyes and mouth should be cleaned every time it is used to prevent harboring bacteria and other pathogens that could cause irritation or infection.

You can get away with going much longer between cleanings, but if you are going the extra mile of applying your makeup with a brush, why not go all the way and keep your brushes sanitary?

Some products, like foundation or concealer, are liquid or paste that can dry onto the brush if left, reducing the effectiveness of the brush for the next use. Colored products, like eyeshadow or bronzer, can stick to the brush and muddy the colors when you switch.

Any brush that touches your face can collect bacteria, mites, or their waste products and if not cleaned can allow them to breed, grow, and be redistributed onto your skin the next time you use the brush.

Whether it is a quick swish with a drop of dish soap or serious ritual with specialized cleanser and a silicone mat, cleaning your brushes is an important step to protect the health of your skin and prolong the life of your brushes.

It makes it easier to apply your makeup the next time because your tools are ready to use and makes it safer to share your favorite new highlighter with a friend. Won’t you feel like a responsible adult with all your brushes clean and ready to go?

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