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Makeup, in general, can be VERY expensive. The tools we use to apply it are no exception. Any makeup or beauty expert, or even novice, will tell you that half the battle of applying a flawless face of makeup is to have the right tools. So we pay top dollar for these tools and invest in high-quality makeup brushes. ‏

‏Some of these high-quality products can range from $25 to $250 for a single brush. The average daily face of makeup will require 6-8 different brushes. So according to these statistics, it will cost consumers anywhere from $175 to $1,750 on average, to complete just the basic set. ‏

‏I take my investment seriously, I clean them regularly, store them properly, and now You are here to tell me that I need to replace them????‏

‏Sorry, but yes, that is exactly what I am telling you. ‏

‏Okay, I need to replace them but how often? I mean like you said before, these things are expensive. ‏

‏A rule of thumb is to replace them every three months.‏

‏ Now, am I saying to throw out all of your brushes every three months to the day you bought them?‏

‏ NO! Please do not do this.‏

‏ What I am saying, however, is that you should start thinking about replacing them around this time. Look at them, are they beginning to shed? Then it is time to replace them. ‏

‏Do they look good as new? Are they still as soft as they were when you bought them? Give them a few more weeks and reassess. With this being said, I would not advise going over 6 months with the same set of makeup brushes. 

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  • Scath On

    You must be kidding.
    3 months lifespan is the recommended time for a makeup sponge, which gets soaked in foundation daily and its dark, damp insides are the perfect environment for bacteria growth.
    3 months may be the time for a busy MUA’s brushes to start shedding and not working as well anymore.
    I have many of my brushes for several years now. They’re washed thoroughly with a soap every few uses, dried upside down and stored in a cabinet to keep the dust away, sometimes sanitized with isopropyl alcohol. All of them look like new (except the model name has worn off some handles), no shedding, no smell, soft as always.
    Just use your common sense.

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