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The short answer is yes, you can use makeup brushes for painting. Actually, as long as the brushes have synthetic bristles, makeup brushes and art brushes are virtually interchangeable!

Some of the commonly used makeup brushes in painting are powder brushes being used in watercolor painting because of the large application area, and the effect on the painting by using a brush that can hold that much water at once. The effect is actually quite beautiful. ‏

‏Fine brushes for painting are often used to apply gel eyeliner, and filbert art brushes are well known to double as eye shadow application brushes. The sable brush you’ll find in a craft or art supply store makes an excellent contour brush. One very important difference to keep in mind if you’re using makeup brushes for painting is that the handle on the makeup brush is usually much shorter than the handle on a typical art or paint brush. This can require some adjustment, because the longer handles allow you to see your entire landscape at once while painting, and without adjusting to the handle length difference, it can cause you to make some errors in your painting. ‏

‏Another tip for using makeup brushes to paint is that natural brushes will soak up a great deal of paint, so the application will be much different that painting with a synthetic paint brush. Also, the natural brush can lead to a lot of wasted paint due to the brush soaking up a great deal of paint.

If you have children and are seeking to give your makeup brushes a new lease of life, the best thing you can do is thoroughly clean them and then gift to your children. They will be able to reuse and add a new level of fun to your prior beauty tools. This is great for increasing the life of your brush set and a great way of up-cycling!

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