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Makeup brushes can be used to apply acrylic to artificial nails, however, there are some differences that you need to be aware of if you are planning to use makeup brushes in the place of artists brushes, or paint brushes.

First, brushes for make up have a much shorter handle than the brushes that are designed for painting. This is so that makeup brushes can easily be packed to travel. If you decide to use makeup brushes in place of paint brushes, you will need to compensate for the lack of distance while working on the nail. This can be done by backing away from the nail periodically to get an overall view of the nail. ‏

‏Synthetic bristle makeup brushes are the best choice for applying acrylic to artificial nails, because the synthetic bristles will not be as easily affected by the monomer. However, most nail technicians will agree that natural hair brushes hold the acrylic more effectively than synthetic bristles do. In most cases, synthetic bristle brushes are used for nail art and applying gel to nails. The brushes that are the most suitable for acrylic nails typically have soft hair bristles, like natural brushes do. ‏

‏When pricing brushes to apply acrylic to nails, you may find that it is much pricier to use makeup brushes than using a cheaper set of paint brushes. It can be helpful to perform price comparisons prior to purchasing makeup brushes to apply acrylic to nails.

This then means that perhaps the best time to try using makeup brushes is when they are coming to the end of their life. Give your brushes a thorough clean to remove makeup residue and then they are all set for re-purposing to give majestic nails. This way you are able to save money and equally gain a little extra life out of your purchase.

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