Sequin Eye Makeup Is Taking Over Instagram — Here’s Some Inspo | EIGSHOW BEAUTY

A sequin-embellished eye look, the glitzy look is all over Instagram and obviously were obsessed. Here, were rounding up our favorite takes on the trend.


Rainbow Eyes

On days when we’re feeling a tad indecisive, we’ll be taking inspo from this multi-colored sequin eye look from iriartemua. Who says you have to commit to just one sequin color anyways?


Birthday Look

@andreinmake.up With this look I receive a month full of love, because my birthday is coming I love to celebrate it with my dear people, who does not like to celebrate their day? Happy Birthday to you!!!


Glimmery Cloud

Have you ever seen pink clouds like @jelenapetrovicmua, full of dream and wonders? My heart becomes young with it!


Silver Flower

Want an upgrade of an elegant makeup look? Silver flowers will be a good choice. I just cant help falling in love at first sight.


Sparkly Crease

Want to give your cut crease a sparkly upgrade? Put sequins on it and give it a sparkly statement.


Heart of Love

Red eyeshadow with hearts, so stunning! I know, my heart goes with her when I first saw her.


Shining Eyebrow

Its really a good idea to put sequins on eyebrows, going perfectly with the eyeshadow. Whats your idea?


If you have tried them or would like to share your makeup look, please leave us a comment.

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