8 Abstract Makeup Looks That Are Totally Selfie-Worthy | EIGSHOW BEAUTY

Abstract makeup can take many forms, and that’s putting it mildly. From eye makeup to full face and hair looks, the possibilities are endless for this trend just for the fact that abstract is abstract.

It may be challenging to get started with your abstract makeup creations, so I have collected some of my favorite pieces of abstract makeup from our lovely influencers.

Pantone 2021


Wow, such a beautiful shade of Lenses, straight very cool in color, Very unusual and trend 2021. Year of “Grellow” colour, combo with Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey, Ready for it?

Toothpick Queen


Red eyebrow, black eye and lip, it’s completely a dark queen. And when you pay more attention, you’ll find plenty of toothpicks. This abtract look will be extremely toothpick-costing!

Donut Queens


Every Sunday we would work together would be donut day! I feel so hungry when I see it.

Butterfly Blossoming


Blossom Like a Butterfly! When I encountered this look, I know Spring is here, full of nature and prospect!

Space Girl


Space Girl, show me the stars, You know the galaxies of my heart!

Colorful Eye


I’ve got tight with the eye-catching eye shadow look since last year. I adore the bold and smooth lines, and this special feel that inspires me.

Blue Wing


It’s a gorgeous stab at the eye shadow trend, combining the beautiful, bold shades and blends the lines perfectly across her lids.

Please leave a comment to let us know how it looks on you when you tried them. We love to work with you sharing more makeup looks to enhance your beauty and make it shine!

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