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What Is It?

The E818 Eyeliner brush is a flat brush that can help you achieve the finest and sharpest eyeliner wing. Using vegan nanofiber bristles, the E818 can be used with gel, cream, or liquid eyeliner, and can even define your eye by applying dark eyeshadow powder to your lower and upper lash line.

How To Use

After finishing your eye makeup, dip the E818 Eyeliner brush into your favorite gel eyeliner. Stamp the product carefully as close as possible to your upper lash line. Wing it out on your outer corner with a swipe of the brush. You can also use the E818 to define the underside of your brow with a cream concealer for a full and sculpted eyebrow. Achieve a defined, dramatic, and flawless eyeshadow look with the E818 brush.

Pro Tips

If you are creating a cat eye eyeshadow look, use the E818 to bring up your eyeliner all the way toward the tip of your eyebrow.


Brush Head: 0.3"/7.6mm
Ferrule: 1.2"/30.4mm
Handle: 0.2" x 4.7"/5mm x 119mm


    Vegan nanofiber bristles - perfect for any makeup including liquids and creams, and guaranteed to have no shedding.

    Wooden handle - has good weight and allows a secure grip.

    Copper ferrules - securely hold the bristles together better than aluminum.

    How to Clean Your Make Up Brush

    Step 1: Lay the brush face down with its bristles closest to running warm water. Pinch the bristle fibers and gently squeeze any makeup residue or excess water.

    Step 2: Place a dime-sized dollop of olive oil (for natural bristles) and mild soap onto your palm or apply directly to the bristles after running under medium warm water to remove excess makeup.

    Step 3: Massage the brush bristles onto the soap solution on your palm while letting water run through the bristles. Move the brush bristles in a soft gentle circular motion.

    Step 4: Once the running water through the bristles become clear, stop the water. Make sure you’re not submerging the bristles or getting the ferrule wet

    Step 5: Using a towel, softly squeeze out whatever excess water is left in the brush. Air dry the bristles in an area with free flowing air.

    Elegant Intelligent Gorgeous

    Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are EIGSHOW Beauty. A company born in 2013 by a group of industry professionals from NYC with the obsession to create innovative, high-quality makeup brushes, tools, and supplies for makeup enthusiasts, beauty lovers and creatives everywhere.

    We brought together the best of the best from beauty gurus and influencers to industry professionals and curators to create the best beauty tools, that are and will always be affordable, without the “Brand Name” price. Period.

    We want our products to inspire your own take on individual beauty.


    Now I know you must be thinking what on earth does EIGSHOW mean? Well let us elaborate further… It is an acronym for everything our brand represents and embodies.

    Elegant - Flawless beauty is elegant, you know in the old 50’s movies, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe pure effortlessness.

    Intelligent - The beauty tools we create are intelligent, intuitive to you in all forms of beauty application. We only want to produce the best product on the market and offer it to you our customers at a reasonable price.

    Gorgeous - You know that compliment “You Look Gorgeous” well its our favourite! When you feel and look gorgeous you are truly confident. Nothing more or less!


    We have been blessed to have a team of dedicated professionals to bring you the best possible in beauty tools. Our brushes are designed to the last detail and we tightly control every aspect of the process. From our natural premium goat hair selection to our synthetic brush fibers to the authentic wooden handle design, we care about every piece that goes into the brushes you are holding in your hands today.

    Every single one of our designs is inspired by what our team seems regularly here from you our followers. The creative designs and artistry you guys share with us every day inspire us to think about how we can help make your designs better, more affordable and sustainable. We go to exhibitions, beauty cons and meet with high-end brands regularly, but at the end of the day, we can hand down say our greatest inspiration comes from what you guys post on Social Media. To simply put it, you guys are our greatest inspiration.


    Whats your shipping method and what is the cost?

    EIGSHOW Beauty aims to create the best quality makeup tools and ensure that upon purchase they arrive at you quickly and efficiently. We have comprised below a shipping policy based on ensuring you get competitive rates for your order alongside fast delivery from our worldwide fulfillment centers, with worldwide logistic brands you trust.

    Below are the regions we support alongside the rates and FAQ’s for shipping and returns. All prices are stated in US Dollars, but should the value of your order in your native currency equate to the same in US Dollars, you will be eligible for free shipping should we offer that service in your country/region.

    We offer free shipping for all orders over $30.00 in the continental United States and if your order total is below $30.00 we charge a standard shipping fee of $6.00

    For Denmark, Czech, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, we offer free shipping for all orders over $30.00 and if your order total is below $30.00 we charge a standard shipping fee of $8.00. This rule applies to equivalent currencies.

    We offer for China, Japan, The Autonomous Region of Hong Kong and Macau a standard shipping fee, if your order total is below $30.00 we charge a standard shipping fee of $6.00. If your order total  is above $30.00 we offer free shipping. This rule applies to equivalent currencies.

    How do I track my order?

    Once your order ships, we will send you an email include the tracking number and tracking link of your specific shipper. You can check your order status there.

    What countries do you ship to?

    We ship worldwide and a full list of the countries where we ship to is available on the Payment Page. You can click on the Country drop-down window to check the list.

    What to do I do if my package arrived damaged/incorrect? 

    If you receive damaged or incorrect package, please contact us immediately and we will have it replaced as soon as possible.

    What is your return policy?

    We have a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy. If you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for full refund or exchange.

    How do I make a return?

    To make an return, you just need to follow the simple steps below

    Contact us info@eigshowbeauty.com within 30 days of order receipt to get an RA#. Write the RA# on a note and ship the item back to our return address. Once we receive the returned item, we will process the refund/exchange immediately.

    Please note the item must not be used, altered, or washed with all of the original labels attached. And the refund will be credited to the original payment method.

    Do you offer exchanges?

    Yes, we do offer exchange. Exchanges are for one time use only, which means you can only return the item for an exchange one time. If you are still not satisfied with the exchanged items, you can then only return it for a full refund.

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