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If you are like most ladies, you can get incredibly attached to your favorite makeup brushes. It can be difficult to make the choice to toss your brushes, even when they are well beyond the point of being useful any longer. Here are some quick tips to help you decide when it’s time to give your old faithful brush the heave ho: ‏

‏If your bristles are falling out or falling apart, you need to throw the brush away immediately. If you don’t, the broken or loose bristles will begin to get lost in your makeup, causing a quality issue. ‏

‏When your bristles have turned stiff and hard, you need to throw the brush away. Not only will the stiff bristles have a negative effect on the makeup appearance, but it can actually damage your sensitive facial skin by continuing to use the stiff brush. ‏

‏When your makeup brush no longer resembles its original shape, it is time to toss your brush. If the brush no longer has the same rounded head, or if the bristles no longer come to a point like they did when you bought the brush, it has outlived its usefulness and you need to throw the brush away. ‏

‏If your makeup brush starts to smell bad, that is a clue that your brush has now become a haven for bacteria and other nasty organisms. Not only can this cause acne and other facial skin problems, but it can be a danger to your eye health as well. Just toss the brush and buy a fresh one.

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