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If you are a makeup enthusiast or a professional makeup artist, then you definitely need a lot of makeup brushes to complete your demanding makeup. However, what about beginners? What is the best makeup brush for beginners? 

As a beginner, do you often get confused looking at a large number of brushes, and don’t know where to start? Here I have two suggestion for you : Concise and Necessary. Concise means that you don’t need so many brushes with similar function and similar appearances. Necessary means the makeup set must contain the brushes for your every necessary makeup step.

Below are some makeup brush sets I selected for beginners for your reference. They are all basic brushes set, from 5 to 8pcs.


The first one I recommended is a set of 5 from EcoTools. These brushes are made from highly sustainable bamboo. The ferrules are recycled aluminium, and the bristles are cruelty-free, vegan synthetic taklon. It includes a blush brush,angled foundation brush, concealer brush (it also can be use as an eyeshadow brush if you need), eyeshadow brush and angled liner brush,plus a cute storage tray. It's a low-key set of essentials with a simple appearance,and it is also a Amazon's Choice brushes set.



The second one is a beautiful brush set, it has 4 Fresh, bright and coordinated colors available: pink, purple, blue and yellow.Its design is simple and elegant.It contains a powder brush, a contour brush, a blending brush, an eye shadow brush and an eyebrow brush. For young girls who are just learning makeup, they will definitely like them.It can complete a simple makeup look, it is enough for a beginner.


If you think above brush set is not enough for you,there is an alternative below for you,it is also a very beautiful brush set with 2 more brushes,It added a flat foundation brush and an eye shadow brush.They are made of superior synthetic fiber material and with meticulous workmanship, it delivers ultra softness and comfort, doing no harm or irritation to your tender skin.And it can hold any cream, powder, or liquid formula without absorption, easy to clean.



I believe this is the most portable brush set. It has three brushes with double ends, 5pcs for 8 kinds of ways to use,perfectly for foundation, powder, eyeshadow, blending, highlight, bronzer, lip and eyebrow. It is small sized and comes with a PU bag, which is convenient for you to carry in the bag.  Do you like it?



Like wooden brushes? Here it is.SHANY 7 piece petite bamboo brush set with carrying case may interest you.Two toned Premium synthetic hair with real bamboo handle,gives it a high-end feeling,It is a little more expensive than the other 7 sets of brushes,if you’re serious about your brushes, buying a set of high-quality one at a time may save money in the long run right?As a proud member of PETA,they are cruelty free.According to different needs and preferences,there are two different brush combinations blow for you to choose.



Here let me introduce you a fashionable and popular 7pcs brush sets made by our company.It includes 3pcs of face brush and 4pcs of eye brush.You see,it has 4 different colors of bristles,why? because it chooses the most suitable bristles according to the different products it will use.Black handle, bright silver ferrule and textured PU bag exudes luxury and fashion.Trust me, it will stand out in the makeup sharing session between you and your friends.


Finally,introduce our best-selling 8 brush sets to you. Except for powder brush, foundation brush, and blush brush, the remaining 5 are all eye makeup brushes.Eye makeup is the most difficult part for beginners and which need brushes most,right? If you like eye makeup and have high requirements for eye makeup, this set of brushes will suit you.What’s more, it’s super soft, has a comfortable touch with a nice price.


And here is a set of our new arrival, same handles and bristles as above,just different in colors and styles and one concealer brush less,Maybe its patterns and styles will attract you more.

Different brands offer different pros and cons,which set above attracts you the most? If you want to know which is best for you,you need to have a try. Come on and take one to start your makeup journey!


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