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The Makeup Brush Guide: How to use face and eye shadow brushes?‏

‏If you have ever seen a complete makeup kit (or have bought one recently), you might have noticed the various kinds of brushes in it. From flat to angled, tapered to fluffy, brushes of almost every shape and size are at the disposal of the aspiring makeup artist.‏

‏But how do you use all the different face and eye shadow brushes properly? Let’s find out.‏


‏A tapered ‏ ‏foundation brush‏ ‏ is used to apply an even coat of liquid or cream foundation over your face. Its flat and tapering shape helps in avoiding harsh lines, which are inevitable with fluffier brushes.‏

‏The trick is to start in the middle of your face and go outwards using smooth and gentle strokes.‏


‏When you are aiming for a more airbrushed effect, consider using the ‏ ‏stippling brush‏. Instead of applying a hard coat of foundation, it softly blends the product over the existing layer.‏

‏This makes the stippling brush ideal for gently layering a liquid (or cream) product without any patchiness on your skin‏


‏For applying loose powders, you want to use a large and fluffy brush that evenly disperses the powder across your face. Depending on the type of product you are using (shimmer, foundation, or blush color), different powder brushes are suitable.‏

‏Kabuki brushes‏ ‏ have a distinctive dome-shaped look and are good for applying powder over your face. ‏ ‏Fan brushes‏ ‏ are meant for sweeping strokes that lightly dust a fine layer of loose powder.‏


‏As the blush is applied in a smaller area around your cheeks, normal powder brushes aren’t the right choice. ‏ ‏Blush brushes ‏ ‏are smaller with a rounded shape, and even more fluffy.‏

‏Use this or a bronzer brush to lightly swirl the product on the apple of your cheeks.‏

Contours and Highlights‏

‏Detailing requires sharper, firmer brushes. ‏ ‏Contour brushes ‏ ‏belong to this category. Often slanted to glide more easily along your cheekbones, it is used to emphasize the natural contours of your face.‏

‏A highlighter brush, on the other hand, tends to vary according to the type of highlight aimed for. Long bristles make for a diffused effect, while short, dense bristles can create an opaque highlight. ‏

Eye shadow‏

‏There is quite a bit involved in applying an eye shadow. First, you need a flat ‏ ‏eye shadow shading brush ‏‏evenly coating your eyelids. After that, a tapered ‏ ‏eye shadow blending brush ‏helps to diffuse the shadow around the edges.‏

‏Finally, turn to the thin and stiff ‏ ‏pencil brush ‏ ‏precisely blending the eye shadow beneath your lashes.

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