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Makeup brushes form a crucial part of your cosmetics kit. But what you may not realize is that when not properly cared for, they can actually harm your skin, causing rashes, irritation, and even acne.

The truth is that the bristles of your makeup brushes harbor all kinds of dirt, oils, allergens, and bacteria. So, even though you are cleansing your skin daily to remove such things, in using your makeup brush, you are putting them right back again.

Beauty experts suggest deep cleaning your brushes at least once a week to remove debris. More often if you use them to apply cream products such as liquid foundation, cream blush, or lipstick, which could attract even more acne-causing bacteria.

To clean the brushes, dunk them in a bowl of warm water before running them over a gentle cleansing bar or applying some shampoo. Work the cleanser through the entirety of the brush before rinsing it thoroughly with warm water.

After doing that, apply a little conditioner to moisturize the bristles before carefully rinsing them with cool water this time. Blot the brushes to remove excess water and then lay them flat to dry. Ensure that they are thoroughly dry before putting them away. For greater cleaning information please check out our prior blogs for more info.

Take care also with how you are storing your brushes. Giving them a careful clean will be for nothing if you then just throw them back in with your other makeup. Instead, keep them in a separate case or bag, making sure it is just as clean as your brushes.

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