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What are good makeup brushes for beginners?‏

‏When you are just starting out, finding a use for the full complement of makeup brushes can be a bit daunting. Until you get a firmer grasp on the basics, it might be a better idea to rely on a small selection of brushes that can do a little of everything.‏

‏Here are some good makeup brushes that are suitable for beginners.‏

Foundation Brush‏

‏Foundation is the base of any makeup routine. Whether you use a cream-based or a powder-based foundation, you need a good foundation brush to apply it evenly.

‏A good design to go for as a beginner is the tapered foundation brush. The flat shape helps in even strokes of a liquid foundation, while the taper helps keep stray flecks in control.‏

‏If you prefer a mineral-based foundation, however, you should opt for a brush with a rounded head instead. Make sure you choose a brush of synthetic fibers as natural fibers tend to absorb excess product.‏

Powder Brush‏

‏A soft and fluffy powder brush is a must-have for any makeup artist. Depending on which type of product it is meant for, the brush differs in size and shape, ranging from the huge kabuki brush for dusting body shimmer to the compact blush brush for your rosy cheeks.‏

‏But in the beginning, you can make do with a medium-sized powder brush as well. While not as efficient as a bronzer in powdering cheeks, it can be used for lightly swirling loose-packed powders until you can get the other brushes as well.‏

Fan Brush‏

‏Anyone who is beginning to learn the art of applying makeup should always have a fan brush by their side. This wide brush can be used to gently sweep away excess powder or even mineral foundations without spreading it over your whole face.‏

‏Apart from working as a mistake corrector, the fan brush can also be used in applying a fine coat of powder on the face much like a kabuki brush, though with far less control.‏

Concealer Brush‏

‏As a beginner, makeup is more about bringing out your natural beauty rather than putting a whole new layer on it. The concealer brush is a very useful addition in this regard, as it allows you to effectively remove dark spots and minor blemishes from your skin.‏

‏With some practice, the concealer can even double up as a contouring brush for highlighting your cheekbones.

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