7 Simple Makeup Looks for Date Night on Valentine's Day | EIGSHOW BEAUTY

Dates are always disturbing but expectant. Girls might be anxious for a long time about what clothes and makeup to wear before dating. Well, don't worry, even you are not a professional makeup artist, here are a few simple looks you can try on upcoming valentine's day.

Cut Crease Eyeshadow +Nude Lips

valentine's day makeup Cut Crease Eyeshadow Nude Lips


If you want to makes your eyes look even more open and adds depth and dimension, of course a cut crease eyeshadow look is the best choice.Tap the eyeshadow primer in the eye socket and then blend with dark brown eyeshadow till the eye tail. The nude lipstick might be a good match with brown eye tone.

Two-tone Eyeshadow+Sequins


Be bored of single-color eyeshadow? Want to add something interesting to your makeup? Pink is always a good idea. The peach pink shade and matching mint green eyeshadow give us a feeling of love and summer. At last, the sequins above are the finishing touch.

Soft Smokey Eyes+Wine Lips


The smoky eye must be the classic makeup look for date night. If you really don’t know what makeup to apply, then it will be an excellent option. In this case, all it requires is wine lips that shinned your makeup.

Colorful Glitter Eyeshadow+Jelly Lips


According to the color combos, there is nothing more beautiful than purple and orange eyeshadow. These sunset shades wear beautifully together, that's why we recommend using them together in colorful eyeshadow date looks. Try to wear an elegant purple shade on your lid and a popping yellow in your crease for a bold eye, then apply orange shadow only to the lower eyelid.

Pink+Purple Winged Eyeshadow


Spring is coming although it's still cold now. Why not try out the warm pink purple eyeshadow with a wing? This soft winged eye look is great for date night! It looks delicate and hot. Also, this look is really simple to apply. Pair it up with pink lips, and you will slay.

Cat Eyes+Nude Lipstick


If you don't want vibrant colors on your makeup, just get natural cat eye makeup! You can easily achieve this look by using soft, brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner as shown here. Blending with brown eyeshadow on the extension cord of the eyeline and carefully draw a V-shape toward the outer corner of your eyes. With nude lipstick to add an attractive and sensual touch to your whole makeup look.

Orange Eyeline+Star Sequins


Colored eyeliners can brighten your eyes in seconds. Drawing a thin line on my upper lids right at the lash base, extending out into a wing. Without eyeshadow, a simple eye makeup have finished! The star sequins on the face add some spice to the makeup. This is very easy, right?? Just try it!

Hope you will like these date makeup looks. Let us know which ones you tried or are going to try in the comments below!


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