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The Makeup Brush Guide: How to use a powder brush for blush?‏

‏A powder brush is designed to apply any powder-based product, including blushes. This brush is thick, full-fibered, and able to do a variety of makeup jobs, which makes it a staple in every cosmetic bag. ‏

‏If you’re using a powder brush for blush, you can expect a natural result - more of a rosy glow then a fully pigmented drama finish. However, if you want more control, you can opt for different brush styles that’ll help you achieve the exact look you want.‏

‏Which types of brushes work for blush?‏

Blush Brush ‏

‏This brush is similar to a standard powder brush but is more compact. It’s easier to cover a smaller area and achieve a natural finish with this style. ‏

Angled Brush‏

‏An angled brush is also compact and has soft and fluffy bristles. The top comes at a slight angle, which makes it ideal when you want a sharp and sculpted look. ‏

Stippling Brush‏

‏If you want a sheer finish and a soft effect, get a stippling brush. This brush stands out with its duo fibers which make it fine toward the top and compact at the base. It’s the best pick if you use a cream blush, as the application won’t affect the product underneath. ‏

How to use a powder brush for different blushes?‏

‏ Regardless of the quality of your blush, it won’t look good if you don’t apply it correctly. A good brush will help you with that - but also the correct technique. ‏

‏Before applying blush, make sure your skin is prepped. If you’re using foundation, the blush will stick to it, if you don’t, your skin should be moisturized and primed. ‏

‎When you are ready - start by applying color to the desired area in a swirling motion, according to your face shape and the look you want to achieve. Once you’ve packed color, make sure to blend and buff out the blush towards your hairline.‏

‎If you applied too much (we have all been there), tone it down with your foundation - and if you do want a brighter look, layer different formulas, which will also make your blush last longer. ‏

Things To Avoid

‏There are several common mistakes when it comes to applying blush. First, is picking the wrong blush shade. Make sure you are taking your skin tone into account when purchasing a blush - try picking a color that mimics your natural undertone. ‏

‎‏Also, don’t forget to consider your face shape - the blush should accentuate and balance your features. The same is true with your skin tone. Creamy formulas work best with oily and combination skin, while those with dry skin should stick with a powder formula. ‏

Though there are some general guidelines about applying blush, it’s just as important to play with different methods and have fun. Still, getting a good brush will change the game for you, and make it a lot easier to create a perfect look.

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