Eigshow Beauty Luxe Series 12 PCS Classic Makeup Brush Kit Bright Silver and Option Brushes

For those who are wondering about the color.

In addition to Luxe, the Pro series has the following sets.

All three colors are  Rose Gold , Light Gun Black , and Bright Silver .

Luxe's ​​Rose Gold and Bright Silver, Master 15's Light Gun Black are now available

I made a color sample for comparison.

See past articles for a detailed review. (Paste at the end of the sentence.)

Luxe Series 12PCS Classic Makeup Brush Kit

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Master15, Master12, Eye Brush Kit are also in the same 3 colors.

Master Series 15PCS Classic Makeup Brush Kit

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Master Series 12PCS Classic Makeup Brush Kit

f: id: onewkey: 20210323194512p: plain

10PCS Eye Brush Kit

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Some are all synthetic bases, like contour kits.

8PCS Sculpt and Blend Brush Kit

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(I don't have this.)

 Attached pouch.

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It's about the height of a Dior Forever bottle.

f: id: onewkey: 20210323165137j: plain

 Inside is grosgrain-like upholstery, snaps, zipper pocket 2

f: id: onewkey: 20210323165159j: plain

The zipper pocket has room to put these two side by side.

The left is about foundation pact.

f: id: onewkey: 20210323175116j: plain

When all colors are lined up, it looks like this. (The white metal plate is gun metal, not black.)

f: id: onewkey: 20210323170413j: plain

Besides, a box with a sturdy magnet lid ( shrink- sealed) and

Comes with a dark navy satin drawstring bag.

I like this box.

The sturdy paper magnet makes it easy to open and close, so I use it to organize my brushes.

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f: id: onewkey: 20210323180843j: plain

It is put in a bag with a brush guard and a logo.

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f: id: onewkey: 20210323165318j: plain

f: id: onewkey: 20210323165257j: plain

f: id: onewkey: 20210323165340j: plain

Bright Silver and Light Gun Black is Pau Dabura is black is death. (Black is dyed.)

Both black and white are Hokkomine (the softest part of a goat)

f: id: onewkey: 20210323170846j: plain

f: id: onewkey: 20210323165037j: plain

Both cheek brushes have white hair. ( Light Gun Black has black hair.)

f: id: onewkey: 20210323164946j: plain

Some brands are dyed brown or beige depending on the application.

Black dyed hair is also glossy and beautiful, but I like undyed hair for Hosomimine's face brush.

After washing several times, it becomes a transparent beige like this.

f: id: onewkey: 20210323165011j: plain

A brush that becomes more and more round and fluffy. (Hair length 4 cm)

f: id: onewkey: 20210324223318j: plain

rephr05, rephr24, Hakuho-do J110 ( Hakuhodo ) might prefer if you like.

Single item or Luxe set only. ( F605 Blush Brush )

f: id: onewkey: 20210324223207j: plain

 Another cheek brush F604 has black hair, so if you think it's all black

Only Rose Gold was white. Paddle type.

f: id: onewkey: 20210324230804j: plain

f: id: onewkey: 20210324230833j: plain

There are 4 bottles including powder (right) that are different in color from Rose Gold .

f: id: onewkey: 20210323173403j: plain

 The three from the left are synthetic.

For foundation, gel & cream eyeshadow, nose shadow.

f: id: onewkey: 20210323173721j: plain

Rose Gold is pale gray and Bright Silver is dark brown.

f: id: onewkey: 20210323173753j: plain

 Luxe has a heart-shaped foundation brush.

 Light Gun Black Synthetic

All mushroom taupe and dark brown gradation.

f: id: onewkey: 20210324133409j: plain

Eye Shadow Brush

 Bright Silver

f: id: onewkey: 20210323205730j: plain

 Rose Gold

f: id: onewkey: 20210324175342j: plain

Light Gun Black (This is a Master 15 eyebrush because I don't have a Luxe.)

f: id: onewkey: 20210324182735j: plain

 If you select Luxe or Master12, it's only flat blending.

The following options are recommended.

(Top → Bottom) E824 , E825 , E812 , E839

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f: id: onewkey: 20210324184710j: plain

 Detailed review of optional brush (black handle)




Option Powder brush sample (all goats)

Top → Bottom ( F601 , F603 , F620 , F607 , F626 )

f: id: onewkey: 20210324235749j: plain

The F620 is a slightly round flat top

For Buffer, slightly larger cheek brush, mineral loose foundation, etc.

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