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When you are an animal lover, you always want to ensure that the products that you use, especially your beauty product, don’t involve any processes or products that involve cruelty to animals. That raises the question, are makeup brushes made of real animal hair?‏

‏That actually depends on the type of makeup brush that you use. Natural makeup brushes are made using real animal hair as bristles. It is usually goat, horse, or boar hair that is used to make the natural makeup brush bristles. However, sometimes the bristles can be made of sable or squirrel hair as well. If you use natural makeup brushes in your beauty routine, you need to verify that the manufacturer of your brushes uses a cruelty-free process to make their product, and that they perform no testing of any kind on animals. ‏ This is easy to verify by asking for credited certificates from the brand. Unfortunately, also as any makeup artist knows natural brushes are usually better than vegan for powder products, whereas vegan bristles are phenomenal with liquid products. So this can be a huge factor in what brush you need in your daily routine.

‏If you use vegan brushes, or synthetic brushes, in your beauty routine, your bristles are not made of real animal hair. Instead, the bristles are manufactured using nylon, tartan, or polyester material. Although you can be certain that the vegan brushes don’t use animal products to manufacture the bristles, you still need to verify that no animal parts are used in any other portion of the makeup brush, such as bone handles.

In addition you need to be aware of the adhesive used to create your brush, whether it is non toxic and equally was it tested on animals prior. Always double check your beauty tools and products to verify that no animals were harmed in the manufacturing process, and that absolutely zero testing has been performed on any animals to make your products and tools. 

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