5 Valentine's Day Eye Makeup Looks We're Crushing On | EIGSHOW BEAUTY

Looking for some new inspiration for a romantic night? Then you come to the right place here are 5 of the sexiest Valentine’s Day makeup we’re crushing on.

Pastel Vibes


The blue lines and foundation will give you a dreamy look at night, a big addition to your charm. Hope you will like those blue eye makeup looks. 

Pumpkin Orange


Can you think of anything more trendy than pumpkin orange eyeshadow? We didn’t think so. While it already feels as if the beauty world can’t get enough of this vibrant color especially on the V-DAY.

Night Sky Look


For those who want to take a walk on the dark side, galaxy/ night sky look will become your go-to beauty look.

Will you be pleased with this very beautiful as a starry sky!! I absolutely fell in love with it!



A classic cut crease and with some sequines at end of the wing, a stunning look has finished!

Eyes have a language of their own.

Green and Yellow


Live green and yellow look! These are so pretty and pigmented and they blend so easily. Would like to give a shot of the vibrant version on the big day?

Hope you will like those vibrant eye makeup looks. Let us know which ones you tried or are going to try in the comments below!

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