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In every makeup look, eyeliner is a significant presence. Drawing eyeliner can adjust the eye contour and the spacing between the eyes, which can make the eye contour clear and the eyelashes look dense. Are you still struggling with how to draw a perfect eyeliner? We have summarised the main causes as well as the countermeasures.

  1. Shaky eyeliner hand

Correct pen grip posture: find the right pen grip point, hold the upper part of the eyeliner pen in the right hand, reduce the force arm so that the whole pencil is better controlled.

When drawing eyeliner, don't hold the outer corner of your eye. The correct posture is to keep your chin up, eyes down, eyelids half-open and half-closed, and eyes still able to see it. What about the asymmetry of the eyeliner drawn on the left and right side of the cat eye? You can put a tape at the end of the eye and draw an upward eyeliner in the direction of the tape so that the effect is symmetrical. If you find it difficult to draw a smooth line, put three dots on the head, eye and tail of the eye, keep the position of both eyes symmetrical and parallel, and then connect the dots into a line, which can greatly reduce the difficulty.

  1. Choosing the wrong eyeliner product

We usually commonly use eyeliner tools: eyeliner pen, eyeliner liquid, eyeliner cream.

Eyeliner pencil is relatively soft, and the line is relatively round and natural, but also easy to modify. There are many colors to choose from. Compared to eyeliner and eyeliner cream, the color is less saturated, and the pencil tip to draw the line may be thicker for some people, in the details of processing may not be so delicate. The chances of eyeliner smudging may be higher.

The eyeliner cream is long-lasting and very easy to use with the eyeliner brush, the color is also very saturated, waterproof, sweatproof and smudge-proof ability is also good. It is very suitable for stage, party and other occasions where you need to carry makeup for a long time.

The liquid eyeliner has super fine brush strokes, which makes your eyeliner look exquisite, and it is perfect for drawing cat eye makeup. However, it may be a little difficult for newbies to operate. Eyeliner is easier to use than liquid eyeliner, you just need to use a special eyeliner, it's very easy to trace, and the lines are very smooth and smooth. The effect is more natural than liquid eyeliner. Choose a blade eyeliner brush with the use of eyeliner cream or eyeshadow, beginner can also easily draw the perfect cat-eye eyeliner.

If you belong to the category of extremely serious makeup removal, remember to choose waterproof eyeliner products in addition to carry small cotton swabs and creams and other products, wet to wipe away the "black eye" Oh. It is important to note that many people are lazy and use cotton swabs to wipe directly around the eyes, which brings unnecessary strain on the skin around the eyes and should be cleaned by hand or by moistening cotton swabs with lotion.

  1. Eyeliner does not fit your eye type

First of all, no matter what eye type, make sure to fill the root of the eyelashes. Otherwise, it will visually make the eyelids narrower. Different eyes need different eyeliner drawing methods to deal with them. If you want to make your eyes enlarged and the distance between your eyes shortened, put on a good basic eyeliner first and then transition the eyeliner naturally connected to about 1/3 of the lower corner of your eyes at the head of your eyes. Pulling the eye spacing may be slightly more difficult than pulling the eye spacing closer, and requires shifting the focus of the eye to the end. Long eyeliner is suitable for eye shapes: narrower and longer eye shapes. Inner eyeliner is more suitable for single eyelids, inner double, and round eye types. An uplifted eyeliner will give a sexy look. Adjusting the width and angle of the uplift line according to the size of your eyes can adjust the shape of your eyes to make them look bigger.

  1. Not setting the eyeliner

Yes, eyeliner needs to be set too!

If your eyes are not carefully set with a setting powder, oily eyelids can also cause your inner eyeliner to smudge easily. Using a sponge with a setting product, carefully press it onto each piece of skin under the eye while also absorbing excess oil from the skin.

  • The first tip below is that we can dip our fingers in some loose powder before drawing the eyeliner to apply it to the location where we want to draw the eyeliner, a place to pay attention to, especially the corner of the eye area.
  • The second tip: If you are washing your face after makeup, it is recommended that you use a grease-free eye gel rather than a cream eye cream because doing so is for the gel to be absorbed faster and not leave grease around the eyes so that the eyeliner is easy to open.
  • The third tip: Of course, if we are prone to tears when applying makeup, then here is where you can always use a cotton swab to absorb the tears to prevent the eyeliner from getting too wet and affecting longevity.
  • The fourth tip: You can also overlay a layer of eye shadow powder of the same color on the painted eyeliner to play a role in setting the eyeliner, which not only makes the eyeliner more durable and does not come off, but also makes the eyeliner look more soft and natural. If you are still unsure, you can use the previously mentioned blending solution to mix the eyeshadow powder and then overlay it on top of the drawn eyeliner with an eyeliner brush, which will satisfy you with multiple protection.
  1. Use only black or brown eyeliner

Black eyeliner, brown eyeliner, it is undeniable that it will lead our eyes deeper and more hollow. But in this colorful summer season, colored eyeliner brings more vitality to eye makeup. A sharp colored eyeliner immediately captures everyone's visual focus and is more fashionable with your foundation shades, colored eye shadows and clothing. When drawing your inner eyeliner, white will make your eyes look bigger than black. Try white or champagne pink eyeliner for your lower inner eyeliner. It will make your eyes look very bright and luminous. Gently pull your lower eyelid and use different colors of eyeliner or eyeshadow powder to gently fill in the gap of your eyelashes.


These are the five main reasons why you can't draw good eyeshadow. If you have the same troubles or other makeup tips, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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