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It’s already hard to choose the best out of thousands of foundations available on the market - and then you also need to pick the perfect brush to match it!

Brushes are now available in a variety of shapes and each is designed for a different finish. If you want to get a brush that’s easiest to apply and provides the coverage you need, here is a list of our favorites which will help you to find your next favorite tool. ‏


Buffer Brush for Powder Liquid and Cream Foundations

Buffers are the most popular brushes from medium to full coverage application. They have soft bristles that ensure a natural finish and are beginner-friendly. Standard buffers have a round tip. Angled style is also available and a great choice for blending foundation and applying on hard to reach nose and eye areas. Buffers are suitable for all foundation formulas.

Stippling Brush for Liquid and Cream Foundations

Stipple brushes have finer and longer fibers at the top and thicker and shorter fibers at the base. This style is perfect for a light but buildable coverage. They leave an airbrushed finish and are perfect for liquid and cream foundations.

Tapered Brush for Liquid Foundations

Tapered brushes can be difficult to use for beginners, but also give you the most control, and once you learn to use them, some of the best results. They are designed the fullest coverage and are often used by celebrity MUA's before red carpets. Flat brushes are perfect for liquid foundations.Use it by moving the product from the centre of the face outwards, using short, downwards strokes to avoid any streaky lines.

Flat Kabuki Brush for Liquid or Cream Foundation

Kabuki brushes come in a variety of shapes but generally have a wide top. The dense bristles deliver a poreless and skin-like finish and light to full coverage, smoothing out your favorite liquid or cream products like a dream, you’ll get high-definition skin in no time! Kabuki brushes are a popular option for mineral foundations.

Sponge for Liquid Foundations

Sponges are among the most popular foundation applicators. They are available in different sizes and shapes, but they generally have a pointed tip and a flat bottom. They are easy to use, allow quicker application, and give sheer to full coverage with a skin-like finish. They work best with liquid foundations.

Oval Brush for Liquid and Powder Foundations

‏The oval brush is one of the latest and trendiest additions to the world of makeup brushes. These unique brushes are great for beginners as they are easy to use and handle. The dense and short bristles help achieve an even result. They are gentle and blend well, while also helping you not to overwork your base. They are suitable for both liquid and powder formulas. 


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