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Makeup brushes can be a costly purchase, with a good set of brushes often running well over $100 for solely the basic brushes. With the cost being so hefty, it is often a cardinal rule to baby your makeup brushes so that they will last as long as possible. ‏

‏In order to get maximum mileage from your makeup brushes, keep them clean and let them air dry naturally. Anytime they look or feel dirty, or there is any drag to the bristles, clean them well with a gentle detergent and rinse well. Then, allow them to air dry, either lying flat on a towel, or hanging with the bristles facing downward and fully able to receive air circulation through the bristles. ‏

‏You should always store your brushes handle side down, and the bristles facing upward while not making contact with any cosmetic item. You should only use a brush for one purpose or product. In addition when you purchase your brushes they come with a polythene head which you shouldn't throw away and should reuse continually to keep the head of your makeup brush clean and tidy. Take a look on out Tik Tok for our most watched video on this subject! Don’t use one brush to apply multiple cosmetic products, even if you clean the brush in between products. Use a natural brush for concealers and loose powders. Use a synthetic brush for liquid liner and lipstick products. ‏

‏When you’re applying your makeup, don’t forcefully apply products with your brushes. Your makeup application should consist of gentle, sweeping motions with your brushes, as pushing on them forcefully isn’t necessary for the proper application of cosmetics. When you aren’t using them, put them back inside the plastic sleeves that were on them when you purchased them for the most mileage. 

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