How big a difference if you draw eyeliner or not?

Eyeliner is a basic part of an eye-makeup, but do you really know the importance of eyeliner? Eyeliner can make your eyes more perfect. If your eyes are not slender enough, this is the time you can properly extend the eyeliner so that your eyes look longer. If your eyelids are too widely spaced, you can easily look unrefined without eyeliner. If your eyes are very close together, then you can leave out the eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes, which will lengthen the distance. You can also use a short eyeliner in the middle of your eyes to make the black part of your eyes look bigger and look like you are wearing contacts.

The correct way to apply eyeliner

When drawing eyeliner, many people tend to have shaky hands and then repeat the drawing many times, resulting in the eyeliner being the same as an earthworm, but it's actually because of the wrong posture.

  1. First of all, we need to find a support point with your little finger against the face so that you can better manipulate the eyeliner product. When drawing, remember to look down and outline so that it will be more fluid.
  2. When drawing the upper eyeliner, you can gently pull up the eyelid to make it easier to find the position of the eyeliner and easier to operate. To draw lengthened/elongated eyeliner, you can use your other hand to slightly flatten the corners of your eyes to draw eyeliner on flat eyes better.
  3. When drawing the lower eyeliner, lower your head slightly so that you can find the position of the lower eyeliner more easily. You can gently pull the lower eyelid down to be easier for novices to see the lower eyeliner position.

Different ways to draw for different eye shapes

  • Big eyes/Convex eyes

One of the essential purposes of eyeliner is to make the eyes look bigger. A thin, light eyeliner is a great way to bring out the advantages of large round eyes. If you wear full eyeliner, it will make your eyes look smaller instead. Just an inner eyeliner or a thin, low-profile eyeliner will do the trick.

  • Droopy eyes

Droopy eyes look uninspiring and old. No matter how beautiful your eyes were when you were young, they will sag as you get older. Just draw an uplifting eyeliner and slightly lift the end of the eye, and your everyday look will be very different.



Eyeliner shapes and defines the eyes and makes lashes look thicker. If you want to create a machine-soft look, you can apply only mascara without eyeliner, but it's best to match a soft eye shadow color.

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