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How do I know which makeup brush to use?‏

‏So you went ahead and bought the whole set of makeup brushes. There is an iffy little problem though – With so many brushes I was unsure where to start.‏

‏But don’t worry. Once you have read through our guide, you will know exactly which makeup brush to use in which scenario, and perhaps more importantly, be able to tell them apart.‏

For Powders‏

‏One of the most ubiquitous beauty products is powders. From loose shimmer powders to more concentrated foundation products, makeup powders come in quite a varied selection. Naturally, this necessitates a larger variety of brushes as well.‏

‏Now, while all brushes meant to apply powdered products tend to be thick and full-fibered, they differ significantly based on which part of the face they are meant for.‏

‏Choose large and fluffy brushes for loosely dusting your face with powder, like the ‏ ‏powder brush ‏ ‏or the ‏ ‏kabuki brush.‏

‏For applying powder-based foundations and blushes, go with smaller, rounded brushes like the ‏ ‏blush brush or bronzer brush.‏

For Liquids‏

‏Foundations, highlights, blushes, and other liquid products call for flat brushes with synthetic fibers. This ensures that the product can be applied in even strokes across your face, instead of the swirling motions favored for powders.‏

‏The ‏ ‏tapered foundation brush ‏ ‏and the ‏ ‏concealer brush ‏ ‏are examples of such brushes, along with most ‏ ‏eye shadow brushes. Some brushes are multipurpose. have fun in experimenting with your look.

For Correcting Mistakes‏

‏When you are starting out, you are likely to make mistakes in applying different makeup products. A ‏ ‏fan brush‏ ‏ is essential for sweeping off excess powder and flecks of color without ruining your whole face.‏ This is quick and easy to do and means you dnt have to start from the beginning

For Contouring‏

‏Neither flat brushes nor rounder brushes can help you if you are looking to emphasize the contours of your face. The precise strokes used for defining your contours need a sharp, angled brush to pull off correctly.‏

‏Contour brushes‏ ‏ are designed just for this application.‏ And the EIGSHOW contour brush is really phenomenal.

For Eyes‏

‏No, we are not talking about poking a brush in your eye. From eyeliners to eye shadows to eyebrows, a number of brushes are needed to effectively touch up the area around your eyes.‏

‏There is the flat and fluffy‏ ‏ eye shadow brush ‏ ‏for blending out the shadow on your eyelids. ‏

‏Then there are the large variety of shapes of ‏ ‏eyeliner brushes ‏ ‏(flat, angled, smudge, slim) for realizing different eyeliner designs.‏ The EIGSHOW angled eyeliner brush is adored by all our fans and comes in most sets in our brush set ranges.

‏For applying pomade and wax to your brows, you need an angled ‏ ‏brow brush‏ ‏ as well.

I hope this very small insight excites you to dare to try new brushes and discover new makeup capabilities. We are all guilty of having go to brushes that become daily essentials, remember we are humans and we love consistency and we all have our favourite cup, chair or makeup brush. My ask for you is to explore the possibilities as you might find your new brush that you cant live without!

Thank you for reading please post any comments or questions below.

Have a great day.


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