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We who love makeup always have a lot of various makeup brushes. If you just put them on the table, it will be messy and it is not conducive to keeping the brushes clean. Then, you need a makeup brush holder to store them.

Speaking of makeup brush holders, there are really many on the market. How to choose the one that suits you is a question,are you also troubled by this question?

Our article is here for you:

I will introduce it in three parts below. One is why you need to use a makeup holder, the second is how to choose your own makeup brush holder, and the third is to recommend some good makeup holders for your reference.

Part 1. Why you need a makeup holder?

You who love beauty and cleanliness, surely don't want your makeup table to be occupied by makeup brushes, right? Surely you don't want to see a bunch of messy brushes when you put on makeup, you don’t want to have no other space on the table to put cosmetic. Want to make your lotion, makeup lotion, eyeshadow palette, blush palette neat and tidy, and you can just keep it at hand when you want to use it?

So, you need a makeup brush holder. It can not only keep your makeup table clean and tidy, but also help maintain your brushes so that they have a longer life. The most important thing is that a suitable and beautiful makeup brush holder can give you a good mood when you applying makeup.

Part 2. How to choose your own makeup brush holder?

First of all, ask yourself these 3 questions: Do you have many makeup brushes? What style do you like? Do you often need to go out with your makeup brushes?

Based on my many years of makeup experience, I have the following suggestions for you:

1. About color, choose a color that is similar to or matched with the makeup brush you use and your makeup table, so that it is in harmony with your makeup brush and the style of the room, and is not obtrusive.

2. The makeup brush holder should not be too large, it is better to be small but with a large capacity, so as not to occupy too much space on the desktop. 

3. Suppose you need to run around because you want to go out to play or work, then a portable cosmetic bag may be more suitable for you. It can be easily put into your bag or suitcase.

4. If you don’t use them often, only use them occasionally when you need them, then a makeup brush box with a lid to prevent dust will be perfect for you


Part 3. Some good makeup holders recommended for your reference.


The first one:

It is made of ceramic in beautiful marble pattern,its appearance is simple and elegant,durable and sturdy,give you a premium feel. It suitable for women who don't have many makeup brushes.

The second one:

It has a beautiful appearance and has three heights, suitable for holding brushes of different lengths

The third one:

It is a cosmetic bag that can be erected. It is very small and suitable to be carried in the bag when going out. It is very convenient to stand up when a brush is needed, isn't it?

The forth one:

This makeup brush holder is different from the others. It has the bristles of the brushes facing downwards, which can protect the bristles of the brushes and prevent them from deforming, especially if the brushes have just been cleaned and placed on this shelf to dry, it is really suitable.

The fifth one:

If you have a huge number of makeup brushes, you can also choose one as it showed above picture. It may look not so beautiful, and usually we don't need such a large one. But its storage capacity is very large, If you need this capacity, you can choose it.

That's it for today's introduction to the makeup brush holder. Thank you for browsing. Do you have any better suggestions? Welcome to leave a message below.



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