Brushes are always a necessary tool for your beauty routine. As is known to us, brilliant brushes might be very expensive. So you can definitely prolong the life of your beloved makeup brushes if you can take good care of your brushes. Today we will introduce you some tips how to take care of your brushes.

Tip 1: Use your makeup brushes correctly

You should not use too much pressure when using your makeup brushes, because too much pressure may cause damage to the brushes and shorten the life of the brushes. Also just avoid to use one or two makeup brushes for everything. Each makeup brush has its own individual design, you can’t use the eye shadow brush to draw your eyeliner or eyebrow. Furthermore, before you use your makeup brushes, you need to shake your makeup brush several times and try to shake out the excess powder in the brush.

Tip 2: Clean you makeup brushes regularly

Clean brushes means clear skin. Absolutely you can imagine that they have carried germs and bacteria if you never or little wash the brushes which will cause terrible skin problems. So it’s necessary to clean your brushes regularly. In addition, the material of each brush is different, so the cleaning frequency is also different. As for the natural hair brushes that used for the dry products like powder, eyeshadow and blush can be cleaned just once a month. Because the natural hair brushes, such as squirrel hair, are not only expensive but delicate.The most delicate hairs should be washed as little as possible to reduce the damage to the brush hairs. For the fibre material makeup brush that used for the liquid/cream products like lipstick, gel liner, gloss, cream blush, foundation, and concealer should be cleaned once a week. Because the fibre makeup brush is suitable for wet cosmetics, it is easy to breed germs which can cause breakouts, styes, or even herpes outbreaks.


Tip 3: Store you makeup brushes properly

You may have been in this situation: when you were putting on makeup, you wanted to find your eyeshadow brush, but you couldn't find it anywhere. In the end, you found it in the corner of the table. This have pointed out the importance of makeup storage. In facet, not only will proper storage convenient you to access your makeup easily, it can also allow your brushes to last well during their expiration dates. Here are some tips for makeup storage: First of all, it would be great for the health of your brushes if you could store them standing upright in a special brush holder. With it, you can also find your brushes easily and quickly when you are applying makeup. Secondly, Moisture encourages the spread of bacteria which means the bathroom is not a good place to store it. Just make sure that they are in the dry place. Lastly, if you are traveling on the holiday, using a wrapped leather holder or opt plastic wrapped holder would be a good choice for you to store your brushes properly.

Tip 4: Air dry your makeup brushes completely

It is important to completely dry your makeup brushes after you washing them. Otherwise, you might damage the bristles or breed bacteria. With proper care, you can prolong the life of your brushes so you can get the most use out of them. After you have washed your brushes, you could lay your brushes flat on the towel so that the bristles are hanging over the edge. You want the air to be able to circulate around the brushes so they can dry evenly and thoroughly. Wait for a few hours for the brushes to dry completely before you use them. We recommend washing them before bed and letting them dry overnight.

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