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Is it possible for your makeup brushes to cause your skin to break out in acne-like bumps or an itchy, irritating rash? The short answer is yes.

‎Brush Allergies

‎Sometimes the materials used to create makeup brushes do not always agree with everybody's skin types. Some people find that the tiny fibers of polyester that shed from some brushes overtime irritate their skin.

‎Nickel is a metal that factories frequently use to plate the ferrule on a makeup brush. Eyelash curlers also often contain nickel. Unfortunately, nickel allergies are extremely common and may be the cause of your skin woes.

You can test whether you are allergic to various makeup tools by eliminating one at a time from your routine until you find out what is causing your skin's adverse reaction. There are many available options of both synthetic and natural brushes to choose from to find a brush that does not cause any rashes or irritation.

Makeup Allergies

‎It's also possible that your allergic reaction resulted from your makeup itself rather than the brush.

‎Just as you would test makeup brushes, try eliminating or adding makeup products one by one to figure out whether any of them are irritating your skin. It simply may be that one of your products contains ingredients that disagree with your skin type.

‎Another thing to watch out for is making sure that you clean your brushes frequently. Sometimes the gradual accumulation of dirt and bacteria may be the culprit behind your unpleasant allergic reaction. Please take a look at our other blog posts on cleaning and tips.

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