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Although there are some makeup brushes and makeup brush kits that could rival a mortgage payment, not all makeup brushes are super expensive. There are some cheaper alternatives that actually work just as good or better than some of the costly alternatives. However, you can overspend for poor quality makeup brushes if you don’t take the time to do the research. ‏

Makeup brushes should be made to be frequently washed, stand up to daily use and coming into contact with a variety of compounds, and need to be designed to not deposit bristle color when applying product to your skin. In addition, they need to be composed of materials strong enough to resist breaking and shedding bristles during use. ‏

A quality brush can make an incredible difference in the application of your cosmetics. Quality makeup brushes deliver a seamless look, they allow for effortless blending, and deliver even pigmentation and coverage. Just one cosmetic application with a quality makeup brush can completely change the look of your face, and once you find the right brush for the task, you will never want to go back to a low quality brush again. ‏

Brush manufacturers are aware of the difference that quality makeup brushes make in a beauty routine, and they are also aware that the flawless look when made up is something that women will pay top dollar to achieve. With the materials involved in manufacturing top quality products, and the rigorous testing, this is what makes EIGSHOW stand out from the crowd. From our all natural to budget brush sets we use the highest quality materials to ensure the best value for money alongside making your makeup products last that little longer!

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