Toxicated Series 15 pcs Gentle Wind Professional Makeup Brush Kit Review

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 Made of nanofiber. The ferrule is aluminum. Overall short.

The design is halftone and very cute.

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A type of box with a satin ribbon attached and pulled out.

The contents are also wrapped in thin paper and can be used as a gift.

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Face brush

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Pau Dabura death tapered tapered in the round ferrule.

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 Cheek, contour, highlighter brush.

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The highlighter has a softer amount of hair, so use it for mini cheek brushes and fine powders.

I think it's better to use large blending (eyebrush) as a highlighter.

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Size comparison with your favorite cheek brushes F604 and F605 .

f: id: onewkey: 20210614113834j: plainThese two are goats, so if you can afford it, please give it a try.

If you also use liquid or cream blush, Hosomimine is better.

Foundation brush

It was the best of the Eigshow Beauty vegan sets, not too small and not too dense.

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I thought it was too fluffy

I wasn't dragged by the liquid foundation or concealer.

The last face brush, nose contour.

It seems to draw the shadow of the nose with the edge, but it is the size of a large eyeshadow brush

I think it's a diagonal cross section and is also good for blurring the eyeshadow on the entire eyelid.

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Eye brush, etc.

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From top to bottom.

Large blending is quite large, so as mentioned above, highlighter,

Or for a little eyeshadow retouch.

Small blending is not small at all but large.

Based scalar but I think that good to put the

It was too airy for polishing and I couldn't pull or spread the color

Firmly blend is to adapt the or boundary line E839 , E825 recommended.

Shadow primer brushes don't have the usual smooth hair quality

It can be used as a flat brush for powder eyeshadow.

My favorite is a large smudge brush. (4th from the top)

It doesn't hurt to use the edge on the eyes, and it's easy to put the color on the inside of the double width.

I will omit the explanation of eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip brush.

It contains a Precision Concealer similar to the Sigma Beauty P87 Edge Precision .

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It's thicker and looser than the Sigma P87,

It was easy to seamlessly finish the lower eyelid concealer.

As I wrote in this review article

The blending brushes in this set are also too fluffy

I couldn't diffuse the middle color and I found it difficult to use.

If you are looking for an effective eye brush at a low price, we recommend the following single brushes.

E839 , E825 , E812 , E833 , E830 , E831 , E811 , E840 (Hosomitsu Peak (goat))

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Paper brush organizer. It has folds and wrinkles, but it may grow.

Texture like thick coated canvas.

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Maybe sustainable but I think that it is specific something (TT)

It's too big and too weak for a brush stand, and the brush will fall over.

For those who need it, I think that such a normal size brush holder is better.

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