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Have you ever wondered which makeup brushes are best for sensitive skin?

What exactly are makeup brushes made of and does it matter?

I have been looking into these very questions lately myself and want to share my knowledge with you!

There are two types of fibers used when makeup brushes are produced. They will either contain synthetic fibers or natural fibers. There are pros and cons to both, but I am focusing solely on the best type for sensitive skin today.

Synthetic fibers are man made from materials like plastics, nylon, or polyester. These bristles can be a bit rough and are not recommended for people with sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin and are looking for makeup brushes make sure to read the package carefully. If you see any synthetic fibers, put them back on the shelf.

That leaves natural fiber makeup brushes. These are soft and gentle which is why they are great for people with sensitive skin. Natural fibers used most commonly in makeup brush production are goat, squirrel, and horse.

Once I discovered this I laughed imagining wiping a squirrel on my face, but after discovering all the benefits of natural fibers, I decided it was no big deal. If you have any animal allergies, be sure to check the fibers. Horse allergies seem to be the most common and can cause a reaction to the skin. Now I also am aware that it is essential to ensure that the natural fibers are sourced ethically and make sure you only purchase from brands that are accredited with certifications from the leaders in animal health enforcement. For example cruelty free.

The outcome really now is dependent on your personal ethics, what products you use (powders or liquids) and of course the title of this blog how sensitive your skin is.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post on what our makeup artists in house use most. Have a wonderful day, and as always leave a comment, like or share.

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