Makeup Ideas for Halloween

🍬Halloween is around the corner👻 You still don't know what to have for the parties?🍭 Check out these  5 awesome creative looks – spooky but glamorous at the same time!

1.Candy-loving ghost

Different from the rough and bold clown makeup. This Halloween makeup has beautiful colored eye makeup, just like colorful rainbow candy. Use a detail brush with makeup to create a candy melting and flowing effect. I believe this way you will ask for very much candy.

2. brain Branding🧠 

This makeup looks simple but not monotonous. Pair it with a headband accessory. It is both mysterious and intimidating.

3. Gradient flame eye makeup

Bringing the flames of hells💙 with this talented flames eyeshadow l👀k Drop 🔥 if you like it!

4. Mannequin special effects makeup

This special effects makeup is very realistic. The Halloween party will be absolutely stunning. Do you dare to challenge it?

5.Amazing SNOW LEOPARD look 🐆

This is a  leopard makeup look that will let you rule the animal kingdom. When playing with so many colors, you will find that less is more.

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