Product Quality

All of our brushes are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free and sustainably made!
EIGSHOW has strict guidelines and processes for sourcing our natural premium goat hair brush heads as well as our synthetic premium fiber head brushes. EIGSHOW takes no shortcuts when making sure that all of our products are 100% safe to use as well as being completely environmentally friendly.  
EIGSHOW is firmly against:
Cosmetic testing on animals
Unsafe, unregulated cosmetic dyes, materials, and fibers
Harsh chemicals, toxins, and plastic brush heads/handles
Production with no regards to the environment
Careless manufacturing practices
Cross-contamination of vegan and non-vegan brushes 


EIGSHOW carries two sets of brushes, premium natural goat hair brushes as well as 100% vegan synthetic fiber brush heads. All of our brushes are put together with a natural wooden handle and a strong copper ferrule. Our premium goat head brushes are 100% safely sourced from the best farmers in the US, we make sure the safety of all animals in the process and have been with the same supplier for years, regularly making visits to the farm to verify that everything is running smoothly and safely. Our premium synthetic Nano Fiber bristles are created in-house so we are able to fully control the process in which they are made. Our premium Nano Fiber Bristles are 100% safe for use and strictly regulated to ensure the best possible end product for you.

EIGSHOW combines ergonomic design with technical finishing to precisely calculate brush radial and the number of brush fibers on each head to perfectly apply to the skin. Each brush is designed with different hair qualities, elasticity, and ratios pertaining to the function of the brush. 

All EIGSHOW bristles are put through a 15 step process before they are ready for use. This process is thorough and begins with decontamination, disinfection and ends with skin allergy testing. This 15 step process is to ensure the safety and quality of all our brushes as not to irritate skin.

EIGSHOW animal hair brushes are all made of premium goat hair. We choose goat hair because of its extremely delicate touch on the skin and the softness and smoothness of the hairs. It has an excellent application with powder achieving a natural look.

All premium synthetic fiber used in EIGSHOW brushes are
a special thermoplastic engineering polymer that is refined form casein, soybean, silk fibroid creating our patented Nanometer Fiber. It is exquisitely, soft, flexible and can effectively collect and deliver powder, liquid and cream products. With near zero humidity absorption, high-stress resistance and being hypoallergenic. The strength and stiffness of the filament are not affected by liquid and cream products. 

EIGSHOW's patented Nanometer Fiber technology's softness is comparable to our natural animal hair brushes. It is truly a masterpiece of vegan engineering and science.   



All of EIGSHOW's brush handles are made of a natural wood that is aged, polished, and cut for a comfortable, strong feel in hand and during use. Wooden handles are great compared to plastic handles because of the strong and more natural grip provided. There is little to no wear/tear after constant use, and hold up well over time. Each handle is painted 9 times, 8 times with a prime coat and 2 times with a finishing coat. The end product is a handle that is as close to indestructible you can get.    



EIGSHOW brushes come with a 0.5mm super thick copper ferrule. This is a special metal alloy made with copper and zinc, which is ductile, wearproof, and corrosion resistant. The surface of the ferrule is manufactured with a special fabrication processing, plated with thick layers of captivating chrome, copper, and gold that guarantees a lifelong striking shine, never fading and discoloring. EIGSHOW's brushes are encased by a 0.5 mm copper and zinc ferrule. This ferrule holds all of our brushes together. We use copper and zinc because of their natural properties over plastic as well as the hardness, strength, protection and wear copper and zinc has. The surface of the ferrule is specially processed with thick plated layers of copper, chrome, and gold for a natural shine that never fades. Our ferrules are designed to never loosen, break, discolor or fall apart. 

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