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Every beauty lover knows that you can’t apply on a flawless makeup without a set of perfect makeup brushes. "Brushes have the ability to really buff product into the skin," says Patrick Ta, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Patrick Ta Beauty. "A great brush ensures even coverage, and has the ability to keep skin looking like skin." Since makeup brushes are so important to makeup artists, today we will discuss what is your favorite makeup brush?And I have collected some replies from the makeup lovers and beginners to show the makeup brushes they loved in their kits.

1. Sigma Basic Eyes Kit

sigma brushkit

Ashunta Sheriff, the go-to martist for actress Taraji P. Henson said her favorite makeup bakeup rushes are Sigma Basic Eyes Kit makeup brushes because they're are vegan to protect your skin and these brushes are essentials needed for professional artist. Eye makeup is the soul of the entire face makeup, most makeup artists will focus on their own eye makeup, so for makeup artists, it is very important to have a professional eye brush set. Sigma Basic Eyes is the kind of existence.

2. EcoTools BrushKit

ecotool brush kit

I have searched on the Internet for related questions “ what is your favorite makeup brush” and got some common answers. The EcoTools won the top voice. Nowadays, when the beauty industry begins to attention to environmental protection, EcoTools has become the first cosmetic brush brand to advocate environmental protection. This environmental protection concept is also deeply loved by consumers. The brand’s brushes are made with cruelty-free Taklon bristles, sustainable bamboo, and other natural and recyclable materials. In addition this brush can also apply makeup very well. That's why this brush kit was loved by the customers.

3. Real Techniques Brush Kit

Real Techniques Brush Kit

For the make-up beginners, they may not need too complicated makeup brushes. I also collected some answers about their favorite makeup brushes for beginners. I found that their favorite makeup brush turned out to be Real Techniques.With 4pcs makeup brushes and 1pcs makeup sponge, you can apply on a simple makeup look. No poky bristles, cakiness, or relentless shedding also become the reasons why it be loved by the makeup beginners.

4. EigshowBeauty Makeup Brush Kit

eigshow brush kit

Finally, you may ask me what my favorite makeup brush is, then I want to tell you my favorite is Eigshowbeauty's 18pcs Magician Series makeup brushes. This is probably the most complete makeup brush set I have ever seen. It not only includes all facial brushes, but also eye brushes, and even detailed brushes. It can meet your makeup needs whether you are a beginner or a makeup artist. And its price is completely within your budget.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post on what our makeup artists in house use most. Have a wonderful day, and as always leave a comment, like or share.


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