Eigshow Beauty Morandi Series Lilac honest review!

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Is it because of the iPhone camera that pink is reflected when the background is pink ?

It only appears in pink, but the color on the official website is correct. 

Two colors , lilac and coral (I am lilac )

Morandi Series 10PCS Ready to Roll Brush Set

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Free international shipping for $ 30 or more, discount code ONEWKEY (can be used for all products)

Please use it when checking out.

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The box is also pale lilac .

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Careful packaging as usual.

The supple faux leather brush roll looks like an elegant clutch bag

It's so cute. A type that stops with a magnet button. Sewing is also solid.

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f: id: onewkey: 20210514180307j: plain I wrote it before,

A tri-fold type that does not curl by opening and closing the magnet than a brush roll tied with a common string

It fits well and is by far the easiest to use.

As it is a set of 10, the brush roll is also compact.

I think this size is better for traveling than long rolls.

The contents are 3 face brushes and 7 eye brushes.

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 Matte silver ferrule with frosted matte handle and silver logo.

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Powder Brush 

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Flat type of flat ferrule. 

It has the same shape as F602 , but the feeling of use is different because F602 is a goat and has moderate elasticity.

It has the same mellowness as the Essential Series .

Without playing the product (may be played without including a bad low price brush)

It contains a lot of powder and has a shape that fits in a small area, so it can be used for dusting and cheeks.

Perfect score.

Contour brush, foundation brush 

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It's neither good nor bad.

The foundation brush can be used,

Because it is small, it is suitable for concealer blending .

Comparison with  Sigma F80 ( Radiant Glow Brush Set )

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Contour brushes are good for the touch and product transfer to the skin

(I used it for cheeks because I don't contour under the cheekbones.)

I felt that the design ability was not good enough. Somewhat unsuitable for blurring.

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