8 Colorful Eye Makeup Looks and Trends for 2021 | EIGSHOW BEAUTY
Exciting eye makeup is having a major moment right now, and it’s not just because the need for face masks has exponentially increased the importance of “the smize” as Tyra Banks would put it.
Switch up your eyemakeup look with these 2021 makeup trends and brighten your beauty in the new year!

Chocolate halo eye

With a new season, you can always expect there to be new beauty trends. At the moment, we can’t help but notice that the halo eye makeup trend is popping up everywhere. Also known as “spotlight eyes,” this new statement eye makeup look is all about strategically placing eye shadow around your eyes to fake a bigger, brighter gaze.

Hot Pink + Gold

One color that’s having a big moment in eye makeup right now is hot pink. This fashion week attendee went all out with hot pink eyes.
Hot Pink and Gold, No matter where you’re, you’re the most outstanding one. Let's try this hot eye makeup looks and go for an excellent Date. Be a Shinny girl!!!


We love cool toned colors and sharp cut creases. This apple green cut crease makeup look is bold, fun, and relatively simple.

Multi-hue Cat Eye

A Strong Woman accepts both compliments and criticism graciously, knowing that it takes both Sunshine and Rain for a flower to grow. -- Mandy Hale

Arabian Nights

Does It Like a Night Moon? Burgundy eye with a silver glitter winged liner, add a little bit brightness in the dark.


This Sunset Eyeshadow Makeup Look is Absolutely Worth Trying. The mild and soft hue give you an talking eye beyond words.

Like a Dream

This eye makeup look is completely like a dream when we see it. We can’t help falling in love with it at the first look. The gold on the uppler lid, black in the out corner and purple on the lower lid go so perfectly with each other.

Golden Love

Can’t Wait to Show You this look! It’s named golden love. When you wear this eye makeup, everyday is a big day for you.
Please leave a comment to let us know how it looks on you when you tried them. We love to work with you sharing more makeup looks to enhance your beauty and make it shine!


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